All About The Garage!

What, who, where, when, why? The Mystery of The Paradise Garage Show might need some explanation.

First: who? It’s me. Peter Lindberg. Human, Swede, dad, environmentalist, science defender, photographer and film maker, car nut, boost addict… and now as they say, Youtuber.

Why? Because it is fun and I work on cars and engines anyway! 🙂 Let’s share the joy! And maybe spread some knowledge. I hope to be able to push a little positive thinking about climate friendly car hobby. After all, your car will eventually perform better on booze. 😉

Why the name? Well.. I love house music. And house stems from soul, disco and electronic music like Kraftwerk etc, and the No. 1 temple for disco, garage and at the end some house was at a time The Paradise Garage I New York City. And I am inte the garage making these videos, listening to house music. Cheap steal? Well.. see it as a celebration of music and car hobby in one simple YouTube channel. As it is now though I can’t really play what I listen to in the channel. Merely link to it. I will link to my fave sources soon.. :p

Where? Originally I lived in Partille outside Swedens 2nd largest city Göteborg, but have recently moved to the small town of Grästorp, or rather outside Grästorp, to a farm with a fairly big house, some other buildings and a big frikkin’ barn with plenty of space for silly car projects. Yay! I will make videos of me converting the barn in stages to fit a workshop etc.

And… what? Already answered I believe. Cheers. //P

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