FAQ – How to advertise – Rules to obey!

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      Peter Lindberg

      – Read forum-wide rules as well before posting here.
      – This is a category for selling cars & vehicles. Other stuff in other categories
      – Be honest. Otherwise you will be reported.
      – Use common sense
      – Price: you must always have a price. If you ask for bids without a striating price, your post will be removed.
      – You must tell where your car and yourself are located. No exceptions.
      – You must have the papers for any vehicles you sell.
      – You must offer e receipt with your real name and trackable phone number to the buyer.
      – Obey moderators! 😉
      – Anything that is common sense but not listed here is probably wise to use.
      – All ads must have pictures showing the actual vehicle. No placeholder pics or pics of similar vehicles.
      – Commercial ads nad/or ads by businesses must be approved by moderator. Ask first.

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